Viewing Session Attendees

When you are attending an event, you may be wondering who else will be going to the same session as you. The Event Cloud makes it easy for you to connect with those that have also added the session to their schedules!


Please keep in mind that in order for this feature to be available the event team must enable it for each session. Attendees must also have Show my profile in the community, Share my schedule, and Enable attendee to attendee message checked under their profile to appear in the Attendee tab. For more information on these profile settings, please see our article User Privacy Settings.


Viewing the Attendee Tab in Sessions

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder  
2. Select Sessions mceclip5.png
3. This will take you to the Sessions page where you will see the full list of sessions for the event. The tabs at the top including a listing for All Days, On Demand, and by specific date. Clicking a session's title will take you to that Session's Detail page.  mceclip0.png
4. Once you are on the Session Details page, you may see several options on the right hand side of the page. If the Attendee tab is enabled, you may click this to view who else is attending the session.  mceclip0.png
5. From here you will see the list of attendees that have allowed their information to be displayed under this tab and have also added the session to their schedule.   

6. Hovering over the three dots on the right will open a drop-down where you can see the option to message the attendee or schedule a meeting. 


For more information on what to do after you select one of those options, see these helpdesk articles: Attendee Meeting overview and Using Attendee to Attendee chat



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