Best Practices and Usage Prerequisites For Virtual Event Attendees

Event Cloud works with many different trusted partners to provide a unique and engaging virtual event experience. During the course of your event, you may encounter areas of our site that embed tools from these partners, such as video streaming services, live chat Q&A, or live web-conferencing through partners such as Webex or Zoom. It is our experience that at times, certain restrictive conditions can exist within high-security network protocols, like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), that may block or limit access to some of these features. For the best attendee experience, and to ensure full participation in this event, we recommend the following:

• Adding * to allow lists where applicable in order to ensure access to pages hosting events

• Allowing Instant Messenger (IM) classified traffic, as many event pages contain embedded chat functions, and network and security policies configured to block this type of traffic may result in compatibility issues with event pages

• Allowing user-side installation of applications OR ensuring that prerequisite applications such as Zoom, Webex, Google Chrome, etc. are installed for users prior to the event start date. Consult with your Event Cloud contact for a list of prerequisites prior to event start dates.

• Allowing video streaming traffic. Video may be sourced from Vimeo, Youtube, Microsoft Stream, or other sources. Consult with your Event Cloud contact for a list of prerequisites prior to event start dates. • Allowing execution of JavaScript on endpoint systems.

• To ensure uninterrupted communication with Event Cloud onboarding and support teams, as well as attendee receipt of registration and login links, the and domains should be added to email spam filter allow-lists.

Best Practices for Systems

Below is a list of best practices for systems to ensure a smooth virtual event experience.

  1. We recommend using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox as an internet browser. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser.
  2. Users should also make sure to enable javascript on their browsers and ensure that any firewalls or security protocols allow chat functionality and video streaming.  Additionally, disabling any pop-up blockers and ad-blockers is recommended when using Event Cloud
  3. Users should have an internet connection that can reliably stream HD videos. It is recommended that internet speeds meet or exceed 5mbps download and upload speed.

Please download the attached file listed below for a list of our most common services and or partners to allow list. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and details our most common services for our main production environment. For any additional concerns, please speak with your account manager or project manager.

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