How to set Chrome as a Default Web Browser

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are the web browsers we recommend to use for an optimal experience when using the Event Cloud's products and services. When setting Chrome as a default web browser, any link you click on will automatically be opened in Chrome. To begin, if Google Chrome is not downloaded on your system yet, download and install Chrome.

Setting Chrome as a Default Web Browser in Windows 10


1. Begin by clicking on the Start menu Start menu   
2. Click on Settings Settings or by pressing Windows+I on your keyboard.

2. Click on Apps.
3. On the left navigation panel click on Default Apps.
4. Locate the "Web Browser" section, click on your current default browser. In the "Choose an App" window, select Google Chrome.


Setting Chrome as a Default Web Browser in Mac OS X

1. Launch the Chrome app  
2. Click on Chrome > Preferences.
3. Once Chrome settings page opens, click on Default Browser on the left navigation panel.
4. Under the "Default Browser" section, click Make Default.
5. A message box will appear asking if you want to change your default web browser. Click Use "Chrome".


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