Using Attendee to Attendee Chat

One of the highlights of any event is the ability to network and connect with other attendees. Now you can chat one on one directly within the event site, too!

Let's take a closer look at this feature.


Starting a chat from your dashboard

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder  
2. Click on the Chat icon
3. From here you can see all of your messages that have been started, search for past messages, or start a new conversation. To start a new message, click the conversation bubble with the plus sign icon and type in the user's name that you would like to chat with. Please note, messages that have not yet been read will appear bold on this page.
4. To search, type a word or name that you would like to find in your messages. Press Enter to see the list of results.
5. To chat, type in the text box and hit Enter or Send.
6. Now you are chatting directly with another attendee!


Starting a chat from the community page

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder  
2. Click on the Community

3. Find the user you would like to message and select Message. In the card view it will be under their name.








For horizontal view the Message button will be on the right side of the name

4. This takes you to you main message page. To chat, type in the text box and hit Enter or Send.


A few things to keep in mind...

You will be able to tell a user is online by the green bubble next to their profile picture.

Notifications will appear in the upper right-hand corner when a new message has been sent.


A notification will also appear above the conversation bubble next to your profile for unread messages.

Emojis are also available for quick reactions by hovering over the message you would like to react to and selecting the best one to fit your mood.


Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats. To view chat history for a specific session return back to that session's details page. This process is similar to viewing sponsor booth chat history; navigate back to that sponsor's booth.

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