How to translate the Event Cloud to your preferred language

While attending an event, you may want to translate the platform to your preferred language. This article will cover how to start translating the page to make your experience more comfortable.

Start translating the page

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder  
2. Click on the globe icon in the top right corner.
3. By default the language will be set to English. To change the language click on the language in the dropdown menu.

For example, click on French to translate the platform to French
4. After clicking on the preferred language the page will automatically translate the text on the page.

To change the language follow steps 2-3. After the language is selected, the platform will start translating into the new language automatically.

Note: this language preference is browser-based, and not associated with your user profile. If you log in on another browser or device, your language choice will not be remembered.


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