If your event has Gamification enabled you have the ability to earn points and compete with other attendees. You can earn points by completing specific tasks, which may include visiting a particular session page, viewing an expo booth, or leaving an evaluation. The ways in which you can earn points will vary by event.  To learn more about Gamification use the following guide. 


1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder Portal   
2. On the left side navigation bar click Leaderboard.

3. Click the Earn Points tab. Here you will see all  of the badges you can earn, what actions you need to take in order to earn the badge, the point value of the action and any other information your event team has chosen to provide.


Be sure to read all of the information on the leaderboard page as some events include special details or prizes.



 1. To see how you and your fellow attendees are ranking in points and badges click the Leaderboard tab .

2. If there are ties (and there usually are), the order on the leaderboard is determined by who completed the badges first.
3. Points and badges that users have earned will display to the right of their name,


The Leaderboard  will show  a list of the Top Ten players in the gameIf you’re not in the top three, you’ll still be displayed in the 4th position on the board so you can see your own points (even if you’re well below the top ten)

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