Joining Live Chat in a Session and Live Chat Features

Event Cloud knows the importance of connecting with speakers and attendees during virtual sessions. For sessions with a live chat enabled, you can log in to each session's room to discuss session content, ask questions, link to outside sources, and more!

In order to participate in the chat (and ensure you have access to all of the event's intended functionality) be sure to enable 3rd party cookies. If you would like information on how to do this please see our guide here


Joining a Chat 

1. Navigate to the Sessions Detail Page.

To log in to chat within a session, you must visit that session's details page.
2. Once on the page you will see a chatbox. To type into the chat click on the field. To submit hit enter.
3. To expand the side menu to view users, options, and more, simply click on the arrow at the top left of the chat
4. To access the chat settings click the gear icon.
5. If your name is not appearing correctly or if you would like to log out of the chat you can disconnect by clicking on the power icon. To reconnect, refresh the page to log back in.

Please note that speakers are users on the page who are actively logged into the chat and viewers are users on the page who are not logged into the chat.
6. To share a file in chat, select the paper clip icon. You can then select one of the four options: 'Add file' (this includes but is not limited to .doc, .pdf, .png, .mp4, .m4a, .xls, .ppt), 'Take photo', 'Record audio', or 'Record video'



Chat Settings

To access chat settings click the gear icon. You will see the following settings. 

Sound: Toggle chat notification sounds on or off.

Private Chat popup: When toggled on, private messages will pop up as notifications over the chat. Toggling off will disable this.

QR: Displays a QR code to open the chat on another device. Please note you must be logged in to Event Cloud on this device in order to successfully open chat.

Open the chat in a separate window: Pops the chat open into a separate browser window.


Voting in a Poll 

During your virtual session, the event team may decide to send out a poll. When a poll is sent it will appear over the chatbox.  To vote in the poll click any option.

When your vote has been submitted you will see the following message. To close the message click "OK"



Private Messages

Please note that chat features and functionality will vary based on the type of chat your event administrator has chosen to utilize.

If private messages are enabled in your chat, you can send a private message to users in the chat. To send a private message, expand the menu as shown above, and click on the user's name. A private message window will pop up, and you can send a private message.

The user's name who you are messaging will be displayed at the top of the window. You can close out your private message, and return to it at any time during the chat.

Links in the Chat 

Clicking a link from the chat will open the link in a new window.


Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats. To view chat history for a specific session return back to that session's details page. This process is similar to viewing sponsor booth chat history; navigate back to that sponsor's booth.

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