Attendee Meeting Overview

Event Cloud makes it easy to connect with other attendees, experts, and more! You can schedule a meeting in a variety of ways.

How To Book A Meeting From The Meetings Page

This article will go over how to book an Attendee Meeting. 

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder portal.


2. Select the Meetings tab from the left-hand navigation.

3. Choose from the available Attendee Meeting Types.

Note: Meeting Types are configured specifically for each event. Your options may look different than the options shown.

4. Enter a Subject for this meeting.


Choose a title you will recognize when you see it on your calendar.

Example: Attendee Meeting with Jane
5. Choose a date and time for the meeting.

6. Click on the box under the Who is the meeting host? to add an attendee as a host.


A "host" is simply an attendee who will be participating in this meeting. They do not have special "host" responsibilities or functionalities.
7. Use the search field to search for the user. Click on the desired user then click

8. When a user is selected you will see a green checkmark by the user.


Please note that some sections like Host can only have one user selected while others may allow multiple.

9. Done to save.
10. Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 for any other desired fields.

11. Enter a Meeting Location for the meeting.

You can choose from configured locations or set your own custom location, including a virtual meeting link (eg. Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, etc)
12. Optional: Include any extra details here:

13. Click the Send Invite button when you are ready for an Invite to be sent to the participant(s).

14. Review your confirmation.



Scheduling a Meeting From Community

You can view an event's attendees on the Community page, see their profile, their speaking engagements if they are a speaker, and schedule a meeting. 

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder portal.


2. To access the community page, navigate to Community from either the dashboard or the left hand navigation menu.

Note: Community may have a different name configured specifically for each event. Your options may look different than the options shown.
3. Once you are on the community page, you can scroll through attendees, utilize the filter menu to filter by a variety of options, or search for a user by name. Once you find the user you are looking for, click on their name, and you can view their profile.

4. If you want to schedule a meeting with them, you can click Meet to be taken to our meetings page (follow steps 4-11 from the process above).

Note: For the connect button to appear. Both parties will need to have:

Show my profile in the community

Allow other people to request meetings with me.

Checked in your profile settings.


And there you go, you've booked a meeting!

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