Schedule an Expert Meeting

Time to schedule some meetings! Meetings are a great way to get to know other attendees and industry experts. This article will go over how to book an Expert Meeting.


1. Make sure you are in the Schedule Builder module.


2. Select the Meetings tab from the left-hand navigation.
3. Choose from the available Expert Meeting Types.

Note: Meeting Types are configured specifically for each event. Your options may look different than the options shown
4. Choose a topic.
5. Choose an available time slot.

6. Choose an expert.


Note: Selecting "Any Expert" will choose an expert at random. If there is only one expert for this topic, it will automatically choose the one expert.
7. Add a subject in the top field, and put additional details in the Additional Details field.
8. Click Schedule Meeting when you are satisfied with your meeting details.
Awesome! You're all ready to meet with an expert! Happy learning!


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