Communicating via the Manage Documents Tab

Did you know the Manage Documents tool can be used for more than just storing your documents? You can also communicate with event personnel about uploaded documents.

To learn how to upload a document, check out our article on how to add a resource or document to your session.

1. Navigate to Speaker Portal   
2. Click Speaker Details
3. Click the title of the desired Session
4. Click the Manage Documents tab
5. Click Update on desired Session
6. Add the Comment and Save

How to View Comments

From the Speaker portal, click on Speaker Details:

Next, scroll down to Speaker Engagements click on the title of the session you'd like to view:

Click on the Manage Documents tab:


From here, locate the resource you're looking for and click on the small triangle icon to the left. If there are any comments, they'll appear under the Comment column:

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