Booth Selection Guide

In Hubb, sponsors and exhibitors can choose their booth space from an interactive map.

Requesting a Booth Space

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor portal  
2. Click on Floor Plan and click on the company for which you'd like to request a booth (if you're assigned to multiple companies):

3. Here, you'll see a complete floor map of your event. To the right of the floor map, look at the Wave Information section.


Waves determine the time when groups are allowed to request booth spaces. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you are in an active wave.

4. Next, use your mouse to navigate around the floor map.

Scrolling will zoom in/out of the floor and clicking/dragging will move you around the various booths.

5. Notice the color key at the top of the floor map, which determines whether a booth is available.


Hovering over a reserved booth will show you the name of the company for which it's reserved. You can click on any white "Available" booth to request it.
6. After requesting a booth, your request will show as "Requested" (red) on the map and Pending under Booth Requests to the right:


Once the booth has been approved by an Admin, the booth will change from red to green to indicate that the booth has been assigned. Here, you'll also see if your booth request was declined.


Changing a Requested Booth

If you need to change your booth request, you can do so easily. Under Booth Requests, click on the X beside the requested booth to remove the request.

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