How to Access Zoom Reports as a Sponsor

As a sponsor or exhibitor, accessing Zoom Reports can be an important tool for determining how attendees are engaging with your booth.

Please note, Zoom reports are accessed through the Zoom Website ( and not accessible through the Zoom client app on your computer. For more information, please visit: Getting Started with Reports


1. First, you will need to locate your Zoom Credentials in the "Company Details" tab. For information on how to locate your Zoom credentials as a Sponsor please visit: How To Find Zoom Credentials as a Sponsor


2. Next, head over to using your preferred internet browser and click the "Sign In" option:

Please note, you may need to log out of any other Zoom accounts before using this sign-in option.
3. Enter the Zoom Email and Zoom Password credentials found on your Company Details page and click "Sign In": zoomenteremailandpassword.png
4. Once you are logged in, navigate to the "Reports" tab, located under 'Account Management' in the left-hand navigation menu: Zoom_Reports.PNG

5. In the Reports tab, you will find many different reports available to you. Click on the report you wish to view. If you are looking for participant information, that can be found within 'Active Hosts'.

Please note: Some reports may not contain data. This is determined by your specific Zoom License.

For more information about the reports available to members, please visit: Types of Reports Available to Members


6. To ensure you are viewing the correct data in the report, utilize the Date filter tool. Edit the "From:" and "To:" dates to reflect the dates of your Event.

Once you have entered the proper Dates, click the "Search" button.

To export the Data to a viewable Microsoft Excel CSV File, click the "Export as CSV File".



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