Tableau Reports for Sponsors

Event Cloud knows the value of connecting Sponsors with Attendees, and the reports found in your Sponsor portal will be a great resource for learning more about those that interacted with your booth.

In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 


From your Sponsor Dashboard, navigate to Reports>Reports> Sponsor & Expo.


Here you will see the reports available for anything Sponsor and Expo related. This includes:

  • Individual Sponsor Overview
  • Meeting details for Your Sponsor Staff
  • Sponsor resource download details


Each report is different but there are some basic tools that will remain the same no matter which one you are looking at.


Undo/Redo will revert the last action to what it was before

Revert takes the report back to what it was when it was initially displayed

Refresh reloads the data if any changes have been made

Pause stops the report from automatically loading data in real-time

View displays whichever view is selected. Custom views can be created by selecting this as well.


Download allows the reports to be exported to your computer in the file type of your choice.


Please note The Crosstab option downloads as an Excel file. Also, if any of the options are grayed out, hit Cancel and select any cell in the report. Select Download once again and all of the options should be available.

Individual Sponsor Overview


Attendees Favorited: The number of attendees who have bookmarked your booth as a favorite.

Live Meeting Room Visits: This shows the number of times an attendee has clicked on the "Join My Live Meeting Room" button to join a live meeting room.

Meetings Across All Booth Staff: The total number of meetings the entire company staff participated in.

Resource Video Downloads: Displays the number of times a resource or video has been downloaded per resource

Social Media Clicked: Displays the total amount of social media link clicks, along with the amount per link.

Video Views and Average Time Watched: Displays the number of views a video has received, along with the average time it was watched in seconds. NOTE: If you upload a new video to replace the existing one, be aware that the time watched may not be accurate if the newer video is of a different duration.

Attendee Leads: Provides user details for users who have opted-in by clicking the "E-mail me more information" button on your sponsor booth.

Chat Transcript: Displays the chat transcript along with user information from the chatroom on your sponsor page. Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats.


Meeting Details for Your Sponsor Staff

The Meeting Details for Your Sponsor Staff report is where you can go to find information on the meetings held by your company's staff. On the left-hand side, you have the option to filter by Meeting Type, Meeting Status, and Sponsor Staff Name.


To the right of the filters, you will see the details for the meetings. This is where you can see everything from the location to the participant email. 



Sponsor Resource Download Details

This report provides details of the number of times each resource has been downloaded, along with a list of users who have downloaded your resources from your sponsor booth.


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