How to Upload Multiple Videos To A Sponsor Booth

A sponsor booth can only have one video loaded to the player on the page. However, you can upload more videos for attendees to download and play in a separate window. This article will help walk you through how to do just that.

From your Sponsor Dashboard:

1. Navigate to Company Information for the company you want to edit.


2. Select the Resources tab.


3. Select the Upload button under the list of already uploaded documents.


4. In the dropdown, select Document or Resource, depending on your event-specific options. It is important to note that company booths can only have one file uploaded that is set to Video, as that will be the one that shows on the booth page. All others need to be filed as Documents or Resources so that they are available for download.

5. Select your video file mceclip8.png
6. Enter a title (Required) mceclip5.png
7. Enter comments (Optional) mceclip6.png
8. Select the green Upload button mceclip7.png

Please note that depending on your internet connection and your file size, the upload may take some time. Do not navigate away from this page during the file upload.

Now when attendees visit your booth they can select the video under your resources, which will open in a separate tab. 

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