How to Upload a Video to Your Booth

Visiting a sponsor or exhibitor booth can be a fun and engaging experience for an attendee. 

One way to add some excitement to your booth is by uploading a video.


Accepted video files include MP4, Ogg, WebM, and MOV. . The maximum video size is 1.8Gb.


For optimal streaming, we recommend setting your bitrate on your video file to 4000 KBPS for a 1920x1080 HD video. For more information on bitrate and resolution, you can see this article:

Uploading a Video

1. log in to the sponsor and exhibitor portal



2. Select Company Information company_info.png
3. Navigate to the Resources tab resources.png
4. Select Upload mceclip1.png
5. Select Video from the file type drop-down videofiles.PNG
6. Select your video file from your computer mceclip8.png
7. Enter a title (required) mceclip5.png

8. Enter comments (optional)

9. Click the green upload button mceclip7.png


Please note that depending on your internet connection and your file size, the upload may take some time. Do not navigate away from this page during the file upload.


Also keep in mind that for older versions of Mac OSX or Windows, please double-check that your videos are encoded with Advanced Video Coding (AVC) "h264" video codecs, sometimes referred to as MPEG-4 AVC or H.264. Some older video codecs like "dvvideo" will not display properly on the web and video files will then appear to be audio-only.


Once the upload completes you will be taken back to the Resources tab on the Company Information page. There you will see your video listed under the resources. Please note that your event admins may need to publish your video to your booth page depending on the settings they have applied to the event.

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