How to Publish Resources to the API

Your Speakers or Session Owners have uploaded their session resources to the system. Once your final session resources are ready, you can push them through to the API.

Whether you want to publish them on your own website, back them up in your database, or share them with a mobile provider, the Event Cloud API has you covered. 

This article will go over how to make links accessible through the Sessions endpoint of the API. (Learn more about API resource options here.)

Publishing Resources to the API

Note: You can only push resources that have been published in the system. If you need help with this, check out our Session Resources Guide.

1.  Navigate to the Admin Portal and click on Sessions:  ClickSessions.png
2. Click All Sessions: ClickAllSessions.png
3. Find the session that contains the Documents you want to publish to the API, then click the Session Details button:  SessionDetailsButton.png
4. In the session you are working with, select the Manage Documents tab: ClickManageDocumentsTab.png
5. Find the resource you would like to publish. First, select Approve. mceclip1.png
6. After you have approved the resources, the button will be replaced by a Publish option. Selecting this will publish the resource to the API mceclip2.png
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